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Best Dog Seat Belts for Cars

August 31, 2021 | by

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You may have already purchased your pup a car safety harness….Great!

It’s important that you now look into your next purchase: a pet seat belt. So put your adventures on the bark burner for just a moment while we go through what to look for, and some of our top recommendations.

Traveling with pets is not always easy. Most of the time, the difficulty of doing so is searching for the appropriate and trustworthy travel gear. The truth is, there is no particular seat belt that will suit all pets and pet owners. A lot of it depends on you, your pet(s), and your vehicle. In this guide, we will provide you with our top recommendations that take into consideration the following factors:

  1. Car Compatibility

  2. The Number of Pets

  3. Tangle-ability

  4. Ease of Use

  5. Material

Different Types of Dog Seat Belts:

Clip-on seat belt:

These seat belts are very easy to install and include a universal seat buckle that simply connects to your pet’s harness/collar via an adjustable tether (harness strongly advised).

Headrest seat belt:

Like clip-on seat belts, these, too, are very easy to install. Place the loop over your headrest and tighten it. Done. You may connect these to either a harness or collar on your pet (harness strongly advised).

Latch bar attachment:

This restraint type is more time-consuming to set up, as it is attached to the latch bar underneath your seat. Best for dogs that move around a lot, as they cannot undo the attachment. You may connect these to either a harness or collar on your pet (harness strongly advised).

Now that you have the Corg-key to find the appropriate seat belt for your pup, let’s explore some great options currently on the market.


Top 4 Dog Seat Belts:

1. PETZANA Adjustable Headrest Dog Car Seat Belt

The PETZANA headrest seat belt has many uses: as a seat belt, leash, or tether. With an adaptable and reflective strap, this seat belt can be used as a leash, or for attachment to a tree to keep your pup close.

A bungee cord provides an extra sense of security, along with a locking buckle. The straps on this seat belt are adjustable for 60 cm to 72 cm, therefore this seat belt is suitable for small to large dogs.

Our Thoughts:

-This doggie seat belt is our top pick, as it is easy to use and very secure

-Very useful for rambunctious pups:

-1. Locking buckle prevents dogs from loosening themselves

-2. Having a seat belt that doubles as a leash helps pet parents avoid the struggle to unhook then rehook and pet's harness or collar while unloading them from the car

​Traveling Creatures Rating: 9.5/10


2. SlowTon Adjustable Dog Seat Belt

The SlowTon seat belt features a 2-pack of nylon-constructed reflective safety belts. This product can easily be clipped into your car seat belt anchor, as it is a universal size of 0.82 inches. A bungee on the seat belt protects your pet from sudden movements in the car.

This seat belt may be adjusted from 20.87-29.13 inches. To keep your pet even more secure, attach both seat belts to their safety harness to restrict both forward and side motion. Also, a 360-degree swivel clip prevents tangling.​

Our Thoughts:

-If your pet loves to move around in the car, this seat belt (and seat belt attachment altogether) may not be the right fit. It is very easy to release this seat belt from the receptacle if the button is pressed. Instead, consider a product that is attached via latch bar.

-The ability to attach both seat belts may restrict your pet's movement just enough to ensure their safety.

Traveling Creatures Rating: 8/10


3. IOKHEIRA 3-in-1 Dog Safety Belt

As a 3-in-1 Dog Car Safety Belt, this doggie seatbelt is one of the most versatile on the market. It features 2 types of car buckles: one that clicks into the seat belt buckle, and the other that can attach to either the child seat latch bar or trunk latch bar.

If you have a rambunctious chewer, this is the seat belt for you. With nylon material and a locking carabiner, this strong seat belt can stand up to excessive chewing and wear. This seat belt extends from 19-31 inches. A 360-degree swivel clip prevents tangling.​

The presence of a bungee cord reduces the immediate force on your pet when the vehicle stops suddenly or in the event of a crash. IOKHEIRA also provides a 12-month warranty on this product.

​Our thoughts:

-This seat belt is very secure: the locking carabineer and latch bar attachment provides peace of mind while on the road

-Consider contacting the manufacturer before purchasing to ensure the seat belt buckle will fit your specific vehicle

-If you have not yet purchased a dog car harness, consider the IOKHEIRA Dog Seat Belt & Harness Combo (without locking carabiner).

Traveling Creatures Rating: 9/10


4. SlowTon Double Dog Car Seat Belt

The SlowTon double doggie seatbelt features a splitter attached to two bungee belts. Built with nylon and a 360-degree metal buckle, this seat belt was built to stand up to the strength of two dogs, while also preventing them from tangling themselves up.

The seat belts may be adjusted from 20 to 28 inches, allowing your dog to get comfortable on a long drive. This product also has a universal seat belt buckle measuring 0.82 inches, fitting a majority of seat belt receptacles.

Our Thoughts:

-Since this seat belt can hold two dogs, the chances of the seat belt button being stepped on doubles, so this product is likely best for calmer/smaller dogs​

-Consider the 2-pack of Headrest Seat Belts provided by PETZANA

​Traveling Creatures Rating: 7/10


These recommendations are not given by veterinary specialists, as they are our personal recommendations. It is advised you look into each product prior to purchasing, and consult with your pet's veterinarian regarding any questions. Traveling Creatures is an affiliate and is in no way responsible for circumstances that may occur with the use of any of the recommended products.

Traveling Creatures may earn a commission if you purchase a product through one of our links.

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