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7 Best Dog Harnesses for Hiking

September 28, 2021 | by

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Though you can hike all year round, this crisp fall air makes for the perfect hiking weather, so grab your four-legged friend and hit the trails!

Some owners may prefer to keep their pets off-leash while hiking; however, there are many external factors, over which you have no control, that may harm your pet. Alternatively, using a collar may restrict your pet too much. The perfect in-between: a harness.

What Makes for a Good Dog Hiking Harness?

The most important thing while hiking is to make sure you are why shouldn’t that be the case for your pet? The truth is, there is no one harness that will perfectly fit every dog. It is important to know what to look for when choosing the appropriate harness for your pup:


Does my pet need something durable? Lightweight? Machine-washable?

For dogs that like to chew, a harness built from stronger fabric is necessary. The last thing we want is for our pet to escape on a hike. If you know your pet can chew its way out of most restraints, take this into consideration and look for a heavy-duty harness.

If you plan on hiking in warm weather, and you plan on wearing lightweight clothing, your dog should as well. Alternatively, if you’re hiking in cooler weather, you may opt for something a bit more heavy-duty.

Purchasing a machine-washable harness certainly comes in handy, especially if your pup loves splashing around in the mud.

Point/Number of attachments:

Your pet may be a puller, but having them so do on a hike can be dangerous dogs are pullers. Luckily some harnesses are designed to include a no-pull ring on the chest part of the harness. If your pup does perfectly well walking on a leash, the ring located on top of the harness may be all you need.


After packing most of your belongings, there may not be any room for your pup's items! There are doggie backpack harnesses, which allow your pet to carry their own hiking gear.

Light attachment:

If you are planning on hiking at night, having your pet wear a light on their harness can be useful. If this sounds like a necessity to you, make sure that you search for a harness with a light attachment. This can also be very useful were they ever to slip away from you at nighttime.


One harness certainly won’t fit each pup the same. Prior to ordering a harness for your pup, be sure to think about their breed (a Dashcund may require a different harness than a Maltese) and follow the size chart provided by the company.


Top 7 Dog Hiking Harnesses:

1. Mountainsmith K-9 Dog Pack

If you’re headed out for a longer hike, chances are your bag is already filled to the brim with gear for yourself. Avoid having to carry another bag for your pet with this Mountainsmith Dog Backpack. 2 large pouches on either side of the harness allow you to distribute the weight evenly to ensure your pet is comfortable. This harness is adjustable 4 ways, with a padded chest pad. A grab handle is located atop the harness as well.

Our Thoughts:

-Sizes S-L +

-4-point adjustment +

-Large storage pockets +

-1 attachment point (back) -


2. PETAGE Tactical Harness

This military dog harness features multiple velcro patches, which allows you to customize the look of your pet’s harness with name tags, water bottles, pouches, etc. 2 metal leash attachments are present on this harness. If your pup likes to pull, use the no-pull loop on the front of the harness. Alternatively, if your pet already does well on the leash, use the loop located at the back end of the harness to give them more freedom. This harness also has a handle making for easy lifting.

Our Thoughts:

-Sizes S-L +

-Customizable +

-2 attachment points (chest and back) +


3. RUFFWEAR Lightweight Dog Harness

Perfect for hiking in warmer weather, this RUFFWEAR Harness will keep your pet cool and comfortable on the trail. This harness has a debris-resistant liner designed to stay clean for longer. Reflective trim keeps your pet visible at all times. There is 1 attachment point located on the top of the harness. This harness is ideal for smaller dogs.

Our Thoughts:

-Sizes XXS-L +

-Lightweight +

-Debris-resistant liner +

-1 attachment point (back) -

-Sizes run small -


4. tobeDRI No-Pull Dog Harness

If you’re looking for a harness and leash combo, this tobeDRI is a great option. This breathable harness is constructed with reflective stitchings, along with a locking buckle to keep your pet secure. A heavy-duty 5ft leash is also included and may be attached to either the front loop, for no-pull, or to the top loop, to give your pet more freedom. Machine-washable fabric makes for easy clean-ups after messy hikes.

Our Thoughts:

-Sizes S-XL +

-Machine-washable +

-4-point adjustment +

-Includes leash +

-2 attachment points (chest and back) +

-Weak stitching -


5. RUFFWEAR Multi-Use Dog Harness

The RUFFWEAR Multi-Use Harness was designed to allow your pet to maneuver with ease on hikes. There are 5 points of adjustment to allow for full range of motion. These adjustment points also make this harness a great option for difficult terrain, service dog handlers, and amputee dogs. There is reflective trim located along the harness, along with a safety light loop (the light is sold separately). This harness only features 1 loop on top of the harness, making this a better option for non-pullers.

Our Thoughts:

-Sizes XXS-XL +

-5 points of adjustment +

-1 attachment point (back) -


6. Didog Escape-Proof Dog Harness

If your pet loves to wiggle out of its harness, this Didog Escape-Proof Harness is a great option. This harness features an extra strap around the belly area, making it difficult for your pet to escape. 5 points of adjustment—2 around the chest area and 3 around the neck—allows you to fit the harness perfectly to the size of your pup. This harness features a double D-ring where you can pass a leash through to help your pup conquer obstacles on the trail. A handle also allows you to help your pet do so. A reflective design is present.

Our Thoughts:

-Multiple sizes (depends on chest girth) +

-5 points of adjustment +

-Double D-ring +

-2 attachment points (both on the back) -


7. RUFFWEAR Dog Pack Harness

This RUFFWEAR Harness features 2 large pouches, allowing your pet to carry their own toys, treats, bowls and more. It is recommended that the load your pet carries does not exceed 25% of their body weight. This is a great option for more relaxed dogs, as there is only 1 point of attachment on the top of the harness. Reflective trim keeps your pet visible at all times.

Our Thoughts:

-Sizes XS-XL +

-2 large storage pockets +

-1 attachment point (back) -


These recommendations are not given by veterinary specialists, as they are our personal recommendations. It is advised you look into each product prior to purchasing, and consult with your pet's veterinarian regarding any questions. Traveling Creatures is an affiliate and is in no way responsible for circumstances that may occur with the use of any of the recommended products.

Traveling Creatures may earn a commission if you purchase a product through one of our links.

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